New solar powered device extracts Gold from seawater

A technological advance in gold extraction has been pioneered by research scientist ph.D Dan Williams, at his research facility in  Mazunte, Oaxca Mexico. he is able to make gold from the ocean in a practical manner that does not pollute, or harm creatures of the sea in any way.  

Recovery of Gold from seawater

The new device is a "buoy like" flotation device that floats directly in the ocean.
 A specially made solar panel that is salt water resistant is attatched to the top of the device, during daylight hours the solar panel provides enough energy for the electrolytic collection of gold at 99.7% purity. The technology behind this combines electrolysis with rare earth magnets, but the exact way in which it works is a closely guarded secret.

It is estimated that there are 7-75 billion tons of gold in the worlds oceans, says Dan Williams who has dedicated his life to finding ways of recovering gold.

ph.D Dan Williams

"I am currently in negotians to  produce large versions of my invention for one of the big oil companies to place on their off shore drilling rigs" 

Due to the complications of this revolutionary refining technique on such a large scale, Dan estimates that the first gold recovery device wont be on an oil rig till october 2015.

  • our devices have been tested in rivers with successs, but yields depend on how much gold particle is contained within the river, and how fast the water flows.
  • has also been tested in buckets of ocean water with success.. provided that the water is changed as regularly as is possible and that the water is stirred vigorously for 90 seconds once daily.
  • gold has been successfully retrieved from underground drinking water wells,using a modified device a total of six wells were tested in the mexico area, 5 of which yielded gold deposits, all yielded at different rates depending on the location and depth of the well.

It is not recommended that the device is used to retrieve gold from tap water, as vigorous testing has proved to be completely unsuccessful. Though tap water varies depending on what country or area you live in i can not guarantee you will have any success.

During testing at the research centre in Mazunte 100 -150 grams of 99.7% pure gold had been collected within 30 days, using 30 entry level units that require no maintenance or external power source. They are simply placed in the water and retrieved after 30 days to harvest the electroformed gold.  Which is a very easy and non time consuming activity.

The cost of the unit production has been reduced dramatically through development, unfortunately the technologly requires that some components be made of gold
 This factor plus the corrosiveness and rigours of the sea mean that the

Entry level unit is priced at $99 US

Purchasers can expect to recoup this money within 45 days of using the device under average conditions.

The price includes;  1 entry level gold recovery unit

                           Full instrucions of how to use

                           30 day full money back guarantee if not
                           entirely satisfied. 

                           3 year repair or replace guarantee

 international shipping is $9 worldwide, item will be shipped within 7 days of payment. 

To order simply send your full address, and make the sufficient donation to the paypal account, all of which can be done on the right hand side of the page.

2 other prototypes are available for order;

  •   The ultimate boating accessory Designed to be towed along by your boat, typically yields double the amount of gold as the entry level unit      . priced     at $179 US dollars plus $15 US dollars shipping worldwide
  •  The ultimate boys toy, 1meter long fully Remote control boat adapted with 2 entry level units to sail around the harbour whilst retrieving gold $999 US Dollars plus $89 US Dollars shipping worldwide. this product is available only for special order, which you can request at our questions section on the right hand side of the page                                                                

 all three items will be listed on ebay when the worldwide patent for this technology is finalized. Until then
no photos of the product will be released, but can be sent by email upon request along with measurements. At this time these three products can only be purchased from this site.

If your considering purchasing the remote control boat, sample pictures of different boat types can be sent to you by email prior to payment.

Due to severe weather conditions all sales of our products have been temporarily discontinued.
This is necessary in order for us to rebuild our research centres.
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